10 Common Houseplants for Absorbing Household Toxins.

Toxins are the big topic for this month.  The Wooden Tiger will be holding a series of workshops on demystifying detox - the who, what, when, where, how and why of detoxification.  It's not just a buzz word.  We are bombarded in our busy life and environment from every angle.  Is it a big deal?  Well yes, and no.  We often can't reduce our exposure, but what we can do is reduce the amount of these products that we allow to stay in our bodies.  Obviously, diet and exercise are the two obvious starting points.  

What about the air in our homes?  We breath, cough, sneeze, cook, spray products in and around the home.  We have pets and uninvited critters in the home, not to mention the furniture, fabrics and construction materials in and around the home. All of our wireless gadgets eminate electrical waves through the air - and through our bodies. Even our clothing.  

A very simple and basic tool we can all utilise at very low cost in our home - the humble house plant.  back in the 70s our homes were filled with macrame hanging baskets of ribbon grass and assorted vines, happy plants were common at the front doors but where did they go?  Out of vogue I guess.  As the plants disappeared, so the chemical useage increased.  Our homes are more toxic than the outside air on a busy street certain studies have found.   NASA has done a wonderful study and it can be viewed HERE.  I have taken my favourite plants, and also what I felt most readily available in my local area plants from this list. 

So, here are 10 simple house plants that you can easily pop into your home to not only add to the ambience and atmosphere, but to actually absorb the majority of your airborne toxins and a good percentage of the emf's flying around from our mobile phones, remote controls and other wifi devices.