DIY Acupressure Massage for Allergies and Sinus

There has been some serious weather fluctuations where I live of late.  We’ve had hot, cold, wet and very, very windy.  I’ve suffered an extended bout of the flu (which is highly unusual) but have been rundown.  This allowed (in TCM speak) a pile of external pathogens to invade.  I had windburn on my lips, very dry skin, and terrible, terrible sinus with itchy, watery eyes.

Windburn aside – that’s a topic for another day, a blocked nose and congestion can be quite painful and very annoying.  Watering, itchy eyes are also horrible.

Easing Congestion

Sinusitis brings swelling of the facial region across the eyebrows, forehead and cheekbones.  Headache is common and if infection is present also bring nausea and spread elsewhere.

Chinese linament ie. Tiger Balm, Woodlock or any pungent, stinky concoction you can find will be great for sniffing and aiding in getting the blockages moving.  Or, in other words, moving the blocked Qi.  Sniff directly from the bottle, rub on your chest and upper back, pop onto a tissue and carry with you.  BEWARE!!!! These linaments are VERY STRONG and can cause skin irritation or burning.  If you have sensitive skin and haven’t used these products before, do a tiny test patch inside your wrist and stick to sniffing the product.


This will not be a full-body comprehensive treatment for cold and flu, however, it is a simple facial massage that is easily remembered and used at any time.

In the diagram you can see the sinus cavities.  The steps I am to share are designed to work on the acupoints related to the sinus areas.

Consider also, if sinus blockage is becoming a regular issue for you that chiropractic care will ensure that your spine is in proper alignment.  This allows proper drainage of the sinus area down through the neck.  Sometimes something as simple as poor alignment can cause unexpected complications.   I know that if I have a blocked nose, I need to see my chiropractor.  I have not taken a Sudafed since I was 35 and entered chiropractic care.  

Prior to this, I had suffered constant sinus infections and troubles.  I had seen ENT specialists, had numerous CT scans, considered quarterisation of the nasal passage and taken all manner of pills. In addition, I had suffered terribly. 

The following steps are a combination of strokes to move congestion combined with acupressure points.  Some of the strokes simply make a pattern to assist you in following a pattern and make this easier to perform.

If needs be, feel free to massage the large muscle you feel running down the side of the neck from the base of the ear and the back of the neck along the base of teh skull.  Tension in these muscles also affects the tension of the facial muscles.  In turn, this can help with a headache, even if sinus is the cause.


Watering, itchy allergy eyes:

I have 2 cats, I love them to bits and am also highly allergic.  I’m not a fan of filling myself with pills, so I tend to reduce the cuddles to an absolute minimum, my kids get to do the hugging, but if I can’t help myself, I can clear the symptoms in around 2 – 3 minutes.  Yes, I can.

If you are not achieving desired success, try the nasal and cheek points as per the Sinus Acupressure Facial Massage. 

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