Food and Muscle Pain

Any chance I can sneak a reference to the Wizard of Oz makes me very happy – but all jokes aside, I felt just like the tin man, or a 90 year old and at 40, that’s just not cool.

Personal experience has indicated that my diet affects my flexibility and the state of my muscles.

I do suffer a few food intolerances, wheat and gluten for example.  These are known to be inflammatory and also provide me with a very intense headache, brain fog and joint pain in a relatively short turnaround time. 

Whilst I am a true advocate for the food chain and do not believe in complete vegetarianism, excessive red meat is also known to be inflammatory and can increase arthritis or joint inflammation and pain.

I carry some extra weight and must admit to not being a gym junkie or athlete, however do enjoy suppleness and good flexibility most of the time.  A few months ago I began experiencing intense pain and stiffness to the point where it would wake me in bed.  I would ‘seize up’ in a position and be unable to roll over.  Similarly, getting out of bed in the morning and moving around in the first hour or so posed a similar and painful challenge.  This passed after a month or so and I didn’t think too much of it as I simply didn’t have time and had soldiered on through. (Soooo bad, busy or not, seriously, if our body is telling us something, we need to listen immediately or get it checked out).

Post-Christmas however, I started experiencing the same symptoms.  2 days out from having run out of the sticky, salty and sweet Christmas treats, copious amounts of meat and salads of every description, laden with wonderful dressings, I started to return to normal.

What was this about? 

I thought about another time I had had muscular issues and a really hard time getting moving in the mornings and being woken during the night.   That particular time I had been a bit under the weather, slightly down in the mouth and comfort eating – completely ignoring my wheat and gluten intolerances.  I had gained a great amount of weight and was suffering stiffness and aching constantly.

Once I got on the straight and narrow everything passed, but I didn’t really think about it again until now.   At that time I had chalked it up to other issues at the time.

Clearly here were 3 times I had had terrible reactions in my body, and the common denominator seemed to be sugar.  The first time in bread, baked goods and chocolate, the second, again a period of comfort eating, wheat and gluten free this time, so no weight gain just pain, and this time, too much good cheer over Christmas – meat and sugar, still gluten free.

I believe that you are what you eat.  It is the fuel that provides the building blocks for your cells.

It can make or break a child’s behaviour and provide good health or malnutrition.

Why wouldn’t food be a contributor to muscle pain and stiffness?

It prompted a flurry of google searches and a pile of books to be pulled from my library to litter my floor and kitchen table. 

The results of my studies show that there is research supporting this stance, but it has not “officially” been stated as conclusive evidence.  At this point, however, practitioners and scientists alike are of the belief that food can, in fact cause inflammation and pain. 

Next step – pig out and see what happens.  Yup – not only the headache, stupidness and a face that looks like I have been stung by a bee in 10 places on top of spending a week on the turps, my body kindly seized up yet again.

5 days of detox… good as gold!

A little Disclaimer:-

Let me be clear – our brains NEED SUGAR to function.  It is an essential fuel for our bodily functions, however when we eat excessively or products that have been so modified during processing that our bodies are confused, they can’t be converted to fuel correctly.  In addition, every person is different.   Some people are quite ok and can handle all sorts of foods with no ill effects.  I do not advocate cutting everything out of your diet willy nilly.  I am not saying no carbs… we need a pretty good range to keep our little bodies running in optimal condition.  But, think seriously about the processed foods and those that convert to sugar in the system and, of course, the straight up sugar i.e. cakes, lollies, fruit juice, soft drink etc.

I could bang on for hours about different foods, alkalinity of the body etc. etc.  Basically, there are some very strong cases for seriously reducing sugar to relieve muscle and joint pain and stiffness.  I can also say that in my own experience sugar is the main contributor to inflammation in my joints and the cause of muscle pain.

If you are suffering lethargy, sore joints, stiffness, asthma, headaches, reduced flexibility it makes sense to look at food and lifestyle prior to considering pain relievers or long term medication. 

Here are two lovely and clear layman’s articles discussing foods that can cause muscle and joint pain:

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