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Why No HARM when we are injured???  What does this mean? 

We all know the acronym RICE, recently changed to RICER.  Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevate and Refer.

So, in the first 48 odd hours after and injury, we know to rest, support the area, bandage if necessary, use ice packs and get the area up to reduce swelling.  We refer – ie.  seek professional medical advice to ensure that the injury is managed correctly and additional intervention is provided if required.

But what of this No Harm?

I didn’t know much about it until recently.  As laymen, I know many people I have spoken to did not either.  Therapists are pretty jiggy with it, but it is kind of important.


H             Heat - Do not use heat on a fresh injury.   Use Ice as per RICER

A             Alcohol - Do not drink Alcohol

R             Running - Do not exercise on the injury

M            Massage - Do not rub or massage



Why may you ask?  All of these things cause the blood vessels to dilate (which means open up) and increases blood flow to the injured area.

This will increase swelling and possibly pain in the area.

Hope this helps!

Remember, after the first aid stage has passed, massage is a great way to get up and going much faster.  In addition, Tradition Chinese Medicine, in particular moxibustion (now that’s a story for another day) can really get injuries especially bruising healing at incredible speed.

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Remember, in the 1st Aid stage, massage is clearly not an option, but once you’re out of that stage, it is very beneficial.  In addition, moxibustion (now that’s a story for another day) can really speed up healing, fluid removal and removal of bruising.