Benefits of Massage

What could be more beneficial than feeling great and providing at least an hour of “me” time????

Not much in my opinion, I probably should have been reincarnated as a cat!  Massage can provide many other perks for our body beautiful.

Massage can be for relaxation or remedy.  What does this mean?  A massage can send you off into a delightful state of Zen, or can be used therapeutically to heal real problems.   Don’t be fooled – a massage does not need to leave you feeling like you’ve done a round with Mike Tyson the next day to be highly effective.  Not to mention even a lovely soft and mesmerising Swedish massage can provide more for your body than just an hour’s snooze.   It can improve circulation, stimulate skin cells, move waste and release those delightful “happy” hormones (our fave little friends, endorphins).

If you are suffering unpleasant symptoms, massage can reduce pain, move toxins from the injury site, speed and encourage healing and strengthen the area.  A custom treatment plan can reverse postural issues, improve structural alignment, increase range of movement, reduce headaches, help digestion and assist weight loss and oedema.  Even old injuries can often be worked on and improved if not corrected.

No sweetpea, I can’t massage off your love handles (much as I would love to make that claim!) However, lymphatic drainage massage used in conjunction with an exercise regime and a well-structured, clean diet can remove toxins, excess fluid and hasten the visible results.

Add here the benefits of Traditional Chinese Medicine to the massage and the results are  unlimited.  Not only musculoskeletal treatments, but also emotional and physical.  Cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, beautifully pungent linaments and acupressure points can all be utilised to stimulate the body’s healing mechanisms and return balance.   Relief can be provided for coughs, colds, menstrual issues, digestion and all range of other symptoms.

I do get quite excited about what can be achieved with a humble massage table and some oils, so I’ve tried to keep this blog relatively short and sweet.  I can honestly say that I see more than 10 great benefits within this little blurb, but the list goes on!

Feeling a bit down and flat?  Stiff or sore?  Stressed and worn out?  Do you have an actual injury that you would like treated or some other physical symptoms that just won’t seem to shift?  A good massage could be just what the doctor ordered!