There has been some serious weather fluctuations where I live of late.  We’ve had hot, cold, wet and very, very windy.  I’ve suffered an extended bout of the flu (which is highly unusual) but have been rundown.  This allowed (in TCM speak) a pile of external pathogens to invade.  I had windburn on my lips, very dry skin, and terrible, terrible sinus with itchy, watery eyes. Windburn... Read More >>

Toxins are the big topic for this month.  The Wooden Tiger will be holding a series of workshops on demystifying detox - the who, what, when, where, how and why of detoxification.  It's not just a buzz word.  We are bombarded in our busy life and environment from every angle.  Is it a big deal?... Read More >>

What of the environment and the therapies that we provide? Even some of the “health” foods we eat are endangering local communities of humans and their economies, before we even consider the animals. Sadly, due to the massive demand for plant-based products, massive areas are being cleared to grow the crops.  In turn, animals are displaced and become homeless, the land is raped and the long term sustainability of our planet is in peril.... Read More >>

"Best wishes and Congratulations. Have a prosperous and good year." No muscles bones or other stuff, just a 2 minute tip to get the bare bones of your Feng Shui cures sorted for 2015 Year of the Goat.  Feng Shui is essentially Geomancy.  As we are all energy, or Qi, the flow of Qi throughout our home and main environment is extremely... Read More >>

Any chance I can sneak a reference to the Wizard of Oz makes me very happy – but all jokes aside, I felt just like the tin man, or a 90 year old and at 40, that’s just not cool. Personal experience has indicated that my diet affects my flexibility and the state of my muscles. I do suffer a few food intolerances, wheat and gluten for example. ... Read More >>

Remember that song?  ♫ The hip bone’s connected to the thigh bone… the thigh bone’s connected to the knee bone and so on – blablabla ♫ ??? Incredibly true.   Everything in our body is connected.  Our muscles form the joints of our bones (via our tendons) and our bones are also connected by ligaments.   Let me introduce you to fascia.  The "ABC" version. In simple terms, our muscles are wrapped in layers of... Read More >>

What is Chinese Cupping? - 30 September 2014
Cupping has received quite a lot of press in recent times… this doesn’t mean that it is well understood or that its benefits are actually known.  Jennifer Aniston and Gwynneth Paltrow have sported some cupping plus some prominent sportspeople are big... Read More >>

Moggill Markets - 23 September 2014
When:   18th October, 2014   Where:  Moggill Markets, Brookfield   What:   Local Business Showcase   The Wooden Tiger's going to the Moggill Markets with some friends from the local 4070 Business Network. There will be a great showcase of these local businesses, in fact there are many services in our little corner of... Read More >>

NO H.A.R.M. - 16 September 2014
Quick tip! NO H.A.R.M. SIMPLE – BUT VERY IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT TO R.I.C.E.R. Why No HARM when we are injured???  What does this mean?  Read More >>

Benefits of Massage - 16 April 2013
What could be more beneficial than feeling great and providing at least an hour of “me” time???? Not much in my opinion, I probably should have been reincarnated as a cat!  Massage can provide many other perks for our body beautiful. Massage can be for relaxation or remedy.  What does... Read More >>

Meditation - 03 January 2013
I want to spend some time on meditation this week.  There’s been a lot of hype about goals and plans and the new year, but amidst all the planning and frantic new action – I think this one is important. It’s also something that many people seem to resist with all their energy.  A quick note on energy, as we are all made up of energy, taking the time to still and balance our energy each day really makes sense.  Want to know a little... Read More >>